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Tue, Jun. 5th, 2007, 09:37 pm

Wow, it's been exactly FOUR months since I've last posted here...The problem with not reading much fanfic is that I have no reason to post in a journal dedicated to talking about the fanfic I've read. ^^; Though it seems silly for me to post after such a long time, since I'm using this journal as my own archive I figured I should record my impressions when I've actually read something worth talking about. :P

Checkmate 'Verse by beattitude is a series of fics about John being turned into a cat. I enjoyed it enough to read all the fics, but couldn't quite squee about it. I think it's too precious and sentimental at times? And heavy-handed on the John/Rodney (I kept thinking "bestiality EWWW" because of the heavy-handedness). Still, lots of fun.

Straight as a Circle by toomuchplor, on the other hand, I can unreservedly praise to the high heavens. Basically, John wakes up straight. It sounds gimmicky, but the humor and humanity with which this seemingly crack idea is handled is astonishing. The details of the dissonance when John has to cope with suddenly becoming physically attracted to the female body while his mind is still full of almost-forty years of being gay gay gay are funny, yes, but realistic. And the way his established relationship with Rodney is handled is just lovely--romantic without becoming saccharine.

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Mon, Feb. 5th, 2007, 07:32 pm

How to Have A Relationship Without Even Trying by ladycat777 is a McKay/Sheppard college AU porn that's as funny and adorable as a college AU should be. This is mostly thanks to the joys of neurotic Rodney POV, and the dorky sweetness that pervades it all.

Not Your Average Imaginary Friend by very_rotten is the first of four fics set in an AU world where a young John had an imaginary friend named Rodney...It's a bit simplistic, but in a sweet, child-like way that really works. The author stays in that Calvin and Hobbes inspired fantasy mode all the way.

Fair by Minnow is a wonderful McKay/Sheppard AU in which John is a fairy. Yes, really. And it's awesome, and the world and what happens makes sense, and there are consequences and everything. Love love love this one.

The last fic above was part of undermistletoe, the Smallville/Stargate: Atlantis/Supernatural Holiday Challenge. Checked out a bunch of the other SGA fics and found some great ones (along with the usual ho-hum ones, of course):

Live Lessons Learned From Aliens by eleveninches is as inventive and fun as usual. She really is good at setting up and letting loose in a world more like a children's playhouse version of the real thing, but not letting things get too stupid or silly.

It's always the quiet ones by dzurlady is, um, a pretty retarded evil overlord story. Lots of fun, though. Incidental femslash, very very minor.

Movie of the Week by kitsune_tsuki is Rodney's POV as the team goes through a mission filled with bad movie cliches. Gen.

Misinterpretations by glae is a McKay/Sheppard AU loosely based on The Bodyguard. I've never seen the movie, so I can't compare. Well, overall it's a rather weak story (the story jerks around too much and the characters aren't very consistent...) but I mention it because I thought the scene between John and Alex was very well done.

Sandstorms by tahariel is a very enjoyable McKay/Sheppard AU that...Was the kind of far fetched that would actually sort of make sense in a bad sci-fi show (like SGA), except for the gay part.

Tail As Old As Time by miriad has Rodney turned into a mouse. I really liked the beginning, of Rodney's impressions and how he settles into life as a mouse. The end, not so much. It was a bit of a let down after the charming beginning. :P

A Very Merry Blah Blah Blah by tielan is the cutest, sweetest team Christmas fic. Possibly too sentimental, but...I don't care. Go team!

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Sun, Feb. 4th, 2007, 04:49 pm

A Hindsight sequel!!!!! Personal Item by rageprufrock makes me want more more more...

Lead Casket by Sophonisba is a gen John-centric entry to the Folklore Challenge at sga_flashfic that apparently crossovers a ton of different shows/books. It's...confusing, but in a very compelling way. I love the tone and flow of the fic.

I was bored so went poking in the harlequin_sga comm. I've sort of moved away from the totally AU, romantic, OOC, over-the-top fics that SGA is so full of, but it was fun indulging in them again. Some of the ones I thought were pretty good (and didn't totally disgust me and make me abandon the story before the end):

The Proposition by jane_elliot is a McKay/Sheppard Harlequin AU that really made me nostalgic for the gobs of Harlequin AU I had ingested way back when. Very very AU, very very Harlequin, very very silly and over the top...But pretty entertaining, as long as the reader can take the very OOC John characterization (which I would think is the biggest problem of the fic).

Unconventional Beauty by jane_elliot is another Mckay/Sheppard AU felt a little less Harlequin and silly, and was a pretty nice twist on the Beauty and the Beast story.

Reading Absolute Corruption by Cypher made me laugh because I had just heard of the evil overlord Daniel episode from SG-1 and hear was an AU set in that world. Evil overlord Daniel is pretty damn creepy and scary because he seems so mild-mannered. Nice tie in with Rising, too.

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Sat, Feb. 3rd, 2007, 07:48 am

14valentines is what started as rageprufrock's personal tradition to highlight women's causes/issues turned lj comm. She personally will be posting a story each day from February 1 through 14, and this year others will be contributing as well. I haven't checked out all the entries, but two I love so far:

Bang is rageprufrock at her best, a mix of humor, madness, and pure joy. In this one, John is not a battered woman boyfriend.

First, the News by seigeofangels is five things edited out of Rodney McKay's Fresh Air interview. So, so him.

Some older fics:

Some Guys Have All the Luck by eleveninches is the bestest McKay/Sheppard DADT fic ever, set after The Return. Fear the graphing calculators of bullying! Rodney's focus on sex is adorable, too.

The Principle of Exclusion by jenn (seperis) is a Mensa AU that...I enjoyed and disliked, probably in equal parts. Mensa AU John is pretty damn bizarre, but it felt so beyond out of touch with canon (which...is the point? total fannish indulgence?) that it was hard for me to even begin to do the wholesale swallowing of premise I usually try to do with AUs. The author has a way with words, which is probably the only reason I managed to get through the whole thing.

Orientation by ltlj is just team love. Well, team minus Ronon love, but still. John is messed up and Rodney and Teyla try to coax him out. It's really cute, since Rodney's attempts at trying to soothe and/or convince John really aren't helpful. And Teyla is such a big sister. XD

And fanart:

pentapus's pic of Vanrin from ltlj's Vanrin's Story is to die for cute. XD

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Thu, Dec. 21st, 2006, 11:04 pm

Summer House and Shore Leave are fun Eureka/SGA McKay/Sheppard crossovers by rageprufrock. I love how all the scientists in Eureka had a "Rodney McKay" story to tell, and how Rodney was totally whipped. Sabbatical, the latest installment, takes a darker turn but is still very, very tasty.

Near the Earth, to Touch by sheafrotherdon is the latest and greatest from her A Farm in Iowa AU world. Um...I really liked this, and the reason I want to flail at it is spoilerish. So under a cut it goesCollapse )

You're a Good Man, John Sheppard by smittywing is a lovely gen WWI fighter pilot AU of the best type (hm, that statement makes it sound like there are many WWI fighter pilot AUs...and there aren't. Why not??). The details, as well as the general feel of the fic, really make this story.

Irony and The Numbers are trinityofone's take on MENSA-verse (as it is apparently called now in fandom?), centering on Rodney and John respectively. Basically gen with "subtext" (easily ignorable), it...is odd. I dislike it in a way because it really made me feel like MENSA-verse was wrong, but at the same time the way she presented the characters and the backgrounds she provided was intriguing.

Foreign Affairs by Victoria Custer (ltlj) is a continuation of the wonderful John/OMC story Hunting Parties (and some others). I love the weird tribal stuff, the misunderstandings, and the fabulous resolution. Wish there were more of these fairy tales grounded in reality type fics. Also comes with cute (spoilerish) art by pentapus. XDXD


Moodtheme alternates by fan_this using spaggel's artwork are just...too...cute..."Surprised" and "disappointed" in particular just kill me.

John Sheppard as a dancing Christmas elf should not be as amusing as it was...Or maybe I'm just really REALLY tired.

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Fri, Nov. 17th, 2006, 10:05 am

Unexpected by sheafrotherdon is McKay/Sheppard, snuggling. The details are...adorable.

Snippet in "the genre of let's-cozy-up-'cause-baby-it's-cold-outside" by dogeared, John + Rodney, sweet.

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Wed, Nov. 15th, 2006, 07:53 pm

Comment-fic about waking up by vee_fic, John + Rodney gen. Short, rather pointless, but inordinately pleasing nonetheless. I love their dynamics, John's reaction, and the ambivalent ending.

Spirit of the Place by idyll is a coda to Solum Patriae, taking place after The Return - Part 1. Ronon-centric, with team and references to Sateda and a wonderful feeling of place. I didn't read the note that this fic was a coda to another fic and wouldn't make much sense on its own only after I read the fic. Yes, it refers to things that confused me, but the characterizations and interactions were so solid I didn't really care when I read it. But after reading Solum Patriae, I...was delighted in team and things that are lost and found and...a very nice Ronon-centric fic. I would read the the fics in order, yes, but I don't think it hurt me too much in the end.

Empathy by bibliotech is gen, John-centric, and hilarious. I really can't say much without spoiling things.

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Tue, Nov. 14th, 2006, 07:44 pm

gaiaanarchy always has really cool ideas executed skillfully, and Alexandria is another different fic that explores new territory. Spoilers for Epiphany, The Misbegotten, and Common Ground, it is an outsider's view of something that takes a while to piece together (well, it took me a while...). There's some slash, but it's almost incidental, IMO.

Take Clothes Off As Directed by helenish is a McKay/Sheppard BDSM-based fic inspired by Xanthe's extremely well-known and recc'ed fic General & Dr. Sheppard. Frankly, BDSM is not my thing and I have never been able to finish Xanthe's fic. But I figured I'd at least give helenish's fic a try because it's been a while since she's written a fic fic (or so it feels...). I enjoyed it because it was very matter-of-fact, explored some very interesting issues that could arise in such a universe, and had that awkwardness between John and Rodney that they have to flounder around and work through I so liked in Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending. And possibly the most important point for me: It wasn't graphic and didn't dwell on the sex.

Ryan Charles has a sequence of three more or less gen (with some John/Teyla vibes going on) fics that feel almost like gritty sci-fi novels at Doorways Fanfiction. The writing style has this distant feel that I rarely get from fanfic and that I associate with published novels. It sucked me in with action, adventure, cool world-building, and consequences. I was trying to think of a word to describe the stories, and I finally came up with the perfect one: Gripping.

And some fanart: John and Rodney as Calvin and Hobbes by anna_luna is just so cute! *_*

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Sun, Nov. 12th, 2006, 12:57 am

I Believe in Wishful Thinking by pentapus is a wild ride of utter insanity held together by the bootstraps and sheer Rodney bullheadedness. It has Rodney going on a wild goose chase based on an anonymously published article in a science journal and a random romance novel full of sex. Sheer and utter joy.

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Sat, Nov. 11th, 2006, 12:22 pm

Stranger Things Have Happened by ESCotLoE is an adorable John and Rodney friendship fic from an outsider POV.

Er, not a fic but a fic idea by seperis in this post:

I have imagined out the John Sheppard presidential campaign, with his uberattack dog campaign manager, the ultra scary Rodney McKay who once got arrested for knocking out Geraldo on national TV. There's actually only two parts I wnat to write, which makes it easier to resist--the first, with his running mate Teyla Emmagen and former president Elizabeth Weir, being handed vicodin and rum as they watch Rodney singlehandedly yelling down a Republican crowd in New Mexico and scaring the other presidential candidate into crying hysterically, and the second, where Rodney and John are having a knock-down drag out about exactly what John is going to *be* as a president, since he was chosen more on his war record, good looks, straight male white Americanness than say, his stand on anything.

I can imagine Rodney doing his role justice. XD

Pretty team fanart by mutecornett

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